Natural History: General and Particular

Translated by William Smellie (8 volumes, 1781)

This site contains William Smellie's 1781 English translation of Buffon's Histoire naturelle . Click here for table of contents. Click here for list of articles currently up and running.

I've kept to the Smellie edition in terms of volume numbers and page numbers, so there are some differences between this version and Buffon's original French editions. To make it easier for students and scholars to cite the work, I've indicated Smellie's page breaks in the text. All titles, chapter divisions, capitalization, italics, and footnotes are as they appear in the original edition. One departure from the text is that the notes in Smellie's edition (and Buffon's original) appeared as proper footnotes at the bottom of each page; I've included them at the end of each essay and added HTML links to get you to the notes directly from the text as they occur.

If there is an essay listed in the contents which is not yet posted and you would like to see it, please email me and I'll move it up in the rotation. Check back regularly for updates. Please contact me when you spot any typos. Thanks to New Jersey City University for hosting the site for me.

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Last Update: 6 January 2004 (added "The Sloths" to Volume 7)

Volumes 3 and 4 are now complete!