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Poli 202, Spring 2005
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Government and politics at the state and local level undoubtedly provide most of us with our closest interaction with political life. Yet despite this proximity, each of these remain among the least studied and least appreciated aspects of American political life. In this course we'll examine the history, structure, and processes of state and local government in the U.S. Throughout the course, we will pay special attention to life in the Garden State.


Useful Links


State Government Links

Council of State Governments
State Government links
State Constitutions and Statutes (when you get to the site, click on the state you want. When that page opens click on the link for "primary materials." (a website devoted to public policy issues at the state level)
Center for State Constitutional Studies (this site is based in Rutgers and includes substantial material on New Jersey's Constitution.
National Conference of State Legislatures
National Governor's Association
National Association of State Development Agencies
State Taxing Policies
Education Commission of the States

NJ State Politics

New Jersey Legislature
New Jersey Government
Official State of New Jersey website
New Jersey School Board Association
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
New Jersey Economic Development Authority
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
New Jersey Development Plan (sprawl control)

Local Government Sites

Listing of of County/Local Governments on line
New Jersey Association of Counties
New Jersey Conference of Mayors
Jersey City Board of Education
Hudson County
Jersey City's Official Website

New Jersey History

Charter for West New Jersey (1676)
Charter for East New Jersey (1683)



National Government

Department of Defense
Department of Justice
Federal Election Commission
Fed World Info Network
House of Representatives
Library of Congress


Government-Related Political Sites

Governing Magazine (devoted to State & Local gove issues)
Congressional Quarterly
The Hill
Roll Call

National Center for Education Statistics
Balance the NYC budget

Other Political Sites

Media Sites

New Jersey Newspapers

National Media Sites

ABC News
Associated Press
BBC World News
CBS News
Electronic Policy Network
Fox News
The Nation
National Review
Time Magazine
US News & World Report

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